Welcome to Studio 595

We are a premier alternative fitness studio located in the heart of South Florida. Our focus is on providing the best integrative do my essay for me fitness experience. We believe fitness should be comprehensive.  Pole, aerial silk and stretching exercises complement each other giving way to a more holistic approach to staying fit. Not only is the body getting a workout but it also elevates the mood and relieves your mind of stress. Our intention is for everyone to feel like this type of fitness style can be approached and mastered by anyone. So come and enjoy the beauty and health benefits of Aerial Fitness!

Group Classes are offered weekly. Develop upper body, core strength and gain flexibility through our various classes.
We are currently offering beginner, intermediate and mixed level aerial classes. Come have fun and gain confidence with your friends!

For your convenience, please essay help company download our iPhone/Android app so that you can book a class on from the comfort of your phone!

Click here to reach us, we respond within 48hrs!