Testimonials from our customers!

“I have always loved to stay active and in shape but prefer to do something exciting and fun other than do my essay for me cheap just going to the gym. I started doing silks, both hammock and tails, with Studio 595 Davie in at the beginning of February 2016. The aerial movements and dance flow really appealed to me since I grew up dancing and cheerleading.

From the beginning, Mya took me under her wing and has been great at making sure I am advancing with each class I take. Her attention to detail while describing each move is what I appreciate most about her teaching techniques. She will first make sure you are safe and comfortable, but will also be there to push you when she knows you are ready for a challenge.

I have now been able to join Studio 595’s Intermediate/Advance silks classes and continue to see amazing results in my body. My strength surprises me every time I get back on the silks; there are new tricks and holds I am now able to do since I know my body keeps getting paper writing service online stronger and stronger. I can’t wait to see continued progress since there are so many moves I want to master. Working out has become so much for me! “

Katie B.
” I have always wanted to do aerial silks and finally decided to give Studio 595 Davie a try. I started August of this year and have been with them consistently for a little over three months now. The first person I talked to was Carolina and she quickly got back to me with answers to my questions. I was nervous because I have never done anything like this in my life and had little to no upper body strength when I started. I’ve seen huge improvements throughout the time and have even lost fifteen pounds! Mya is an amazing silk instructor!
After a few weeks of silks, I decided to take pole classes with Carolina and I remember on my first day after stumbling and hopping around thinking I would never be able to do it. She was very encouraging and promised it would get better. And it did! Every class after that I find myself being able to do something I wasn’t able to do the class before. Patience is key.
They both take time to understand where their students’ levels are and push them to get better than they were before. They really show you how how much they care for you and this has helped me feel safe here and to really give it a chance. It has really motivated me to try something I have not done before and put fear aside. The small classes make it easy to get to know everyone and be more personal. I have learned so much on this journey while having an awesome time. ”